October 2016

New Board Game Is for Activists Who Want to Beat the System

SBA Competition Helps Accelerators Change U.S. Entrepreneurship

Bay Area Small Business Lender Focuses on Quality Jobs

Exhibit Showcases Design by the People for the People

September 2016

“Genius” Money Idea Helps People Outside Big Banking’s Inner Circle

New HUD Rules Shouldn’t Leave Behind Disinvested Neighborhoods

Putting Underinvested Communities on Big Investors’ Radar

Helping Wall Street Come Closer to Main Street

More New Yorkers Facing Eviction Are Getting Lawyers

California’s Best-Kept Secret for Community Reinvestment

NYC Takes Steps to Protect Gig Economy Workers

NYC Wants to Diversify the Real Estate Industry

August 2016

These Neighbors Got Tired of Waiting for Traditional Developers

Getting Rid of Anonymous Shell Companies Would Help Local Businesses

Affordable Housing Heavyweight Arrives in Colorado

What Happens When States Don’t Punish the Poor for Saving Money

Affordable Housing Offer Not Good Enough for NYC Neighborhood

NYCHA’s Sitting on Thousands of Square Feet of Business Opportunity

Atlanta’s Westside Picks Its Own Social Entrepreneurs

In Pittsburgh Neighborhood, Development Starts With Healing

Small Businesses Score Points in Bank Regulation Change

A Movement to Put Money Into Black-Owned Banks

Rochester Credit Union Gives Co-Ops a Chance

July 2016

In Newark, Immigrant Entrepreneurs Put Their Own Spin on Starting a Business

Will Under Armour Play Ball with Baltimore Taxpayers?

Buffalo Neighborhood Takes Control of Fight Against Displacement

These Millennials Put Community First in Small City Design

What U.S. Cities Can Learn From Puerto Rico’s Crisis

Building a Better Summer Jobs Program for America’s Youth

Mapping a Neighborhood’s Financial Health

Congress Might Make Social Impact Bonds Easier on Cities

New Atlanta Grocery Highlights Challenges in Equitable Development

Closing the Funding Gap for Worker Cooperatives

Building Businesses Rooted in Social Justice Movements

Formerly Redlined Brooklyn Community Now Regulates Banks

Obama’s $1B Impact Investment Program Could Be Here to Stay

June 2016

Detroit Real Estate Developer Focuses on the 90 Percent

Connecting Brooklyn’s Disconnected Youth to STEAM Professions

Economic Mobility Is a Moving Target

These Impact Investors Focus on “Believe in You” Money

The Problem With Paul Ryan’s Food Stamps Rules

How East Harlem Wrote Its Own Development Plan

Miami-Dade Is Rallying Around 5 Poverty-Fighting Programs

Mass. CDCs Applaud Tax Credit Program

Gathering the Facts About How Housing Segregation Hurts Chicago

New to Philly: Affordable Housing, No Roof Necessary

When a Prison Sentence Never Truly Ends

What a $100 Investment Can Do for Struggling Homeowners

Tech’s Lack of Diversity Isn’t Just a Pipeline Problem

How 16 NYC Funders Are Collaborating to Fight Poverty

Participatory Budgeting Reaches Historically Disenfranchised Neighbors

May 2016

5 Cities Get Support for Dismantling Systemic Racism

Atlanta CDFI: “Take Two” for Minority Entrepreneurs

More Muscle Added to Equity Tool

Home Lending Institutions Focus Attention on Jobs and Small Business

D.C. Neighborhoods’ Reply to Gentrification: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Cincinnati Strengthens CDC Power Amid Dwindling Money

In New Jersey, NBA Basketball Mixes With Startup Incubator

New Orleans Local Hiring Plan in Limbo

Chicago Leads Charge Against Predatory Small Business Lending

Tracking Minority-Owned Business Growth in Brooklyn, the Bronx

K.C. Economic Border War Takes One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Following the Footsteps of African-American Worker Cooperatives

April 2016

$100M Chicago Fund to Help Investors Make a Positive Impact

EB-5s Get New Shot at True Community Investment

How Cities Are Protecting Small Neighborhood Shops

Reno Reinvention Puts a Target on Blight

What Americans Lose When They Ignore the Realities of Race and Economics

St. Louis Finally Gets a Regional Community Development System

NYC Quietly Resumes Social Indicators Report Mandated by Charter

Philly Fund Matches Small Business Investing With Entrepreneur Support

Rochester Mayor: Investing in Co-ops Builds “Stairway Out of Poverty”

Bringing Driver Voices Into the Uber Debate

Public Housing Jobs Program Is Springboard to “Big Goals”

Food Entrepreneurship Gets More Accessible in Brooklyn

Cleveland Lender Focuses on Meaningful Jobs and Equity

March 2016

$31 Million Fund to Tackle Financial System’s Biggest Urban Challenges

Social Justice Drives Seattle’s New Community Development Chief

Graphic Design Co-op Helps Send the Black Lives Matter Message

What Happened to Federal Funding for Community Development?

Homeless-Led Advocacy Group Identifies Places They Could Call Home

Putting Teeth Back Into the Community Reinvestment Act

Job Training, Healthcare and Affordable Rent to Share One Roof in D.C.

NYC’s Rising Tide of Women Entrepreneurs

Boston Commercial Kitchen Workers Are One Step Closer to Ownership

Queens Community Designs Its Own Post-Hurricane Sandy Future

Small Business Investing Gets a Boost in Midwest Cities

New CDC Seeks to Foster Inclusive NYC Waterfront Development

NYC, CUNY Will Help International Entrepreneurs Create U.S. Jobs

February 2016

Why Cities Need to Stop the Eviction Cycle

Workforce Development Is Growing Way Past City Lines

New Design Guide Offers Advice to Affordable Housing Developers

Cities Can Help to Shape an Equal Opportunity Maker Movement

Connecting Big Banking to Community Investment

Hillary Clinton Talks Plan to Tackle Systemic Racism

Planning for a Public Housing Teardown in Louisville

Emerging West Philly Food Mecca Still Needs Better Access To Capital

Can Crowdfunded Real Estate Create Equitable Economic Development?

Is This The Year for Stalled New York State CDFI Fund?

A Recipe for Revitalizing Chicago’s Commercial Corridors

UCLA Institute to Focus on Activists Tackling Inequality

Brooklyn Nonprofit Preps Minority-Owned Construction Firms for City Contracting

Pittsburgh Students Asked to Rethink Volunteering

January 2016

How Dallas Plans to Tackle Concentrated Poverty

Ranking 100 U.S. Metros on Growth and Inclusion

Brooklyn Grocery Proving Cooperative Business Works

Which Cities Have (and Haven’t) Made Quick Work of Paid Leave

For City of Milwaukee, Today’s Temp Job Is Tomorrow’s Career

Here’s One Miami Home That a Rich “Secret Buyer” Didn’t Get

How the Twin Cities Are Financing Immigrant Entrepreneurs

NYC Set to Triple Number of Worker Cooperatives

What’s Next for Local Minimum Wages?

In Pittsburgh, Pretty Public Spaces Also Mean Jobs

How to Turn Helping People Into a Franchise Business

December 2015

2015’s Top Equality Victories in Finance

Building a Road Map to the Intersection of Race, Culture and Opportunity

What One L.A. Development Deal Says About the Future of Community Benefit Agreements

Is Equitable Real Estate Crowdfunding Possible?

The Policy Behind the Investing Behind That New Neighborhood Grocery Store

Have Black Entrepreneurs Driven the U.S. Crime Drop?

Here’s One Workaround for the Uber Employee vs. Contractor Debate

In Downtown Revitalization, Equity Can Equal Authenticity

Closing the Racial Gap in Small Business Lending

Cincinnati Hopes More Minority-Owned Businesses Will Get a Piece of City Projects

Where Pittsburgh’s Industrial History Meets a More Equitable Future

How Community Engineers Are Changing Houston

Philanthropy Can’t Beat Predatory Lending Alone

Finding the Value of a Vacant Lot by Tapping Into Neighborhood Memory

November 2015

Talking the Wall Street Talk to Increase Community Investment

PA Budget Impasse Threatens Pittsburgh Neighborhood Plan

$75 Million to Boost Equitable Capital for Small Businesses

A Family-Powered Pathway Out of Poverty in Detroit

How to Find a Bank That Invests in Your Local Economy

Going Beyond Contracting-as-Usual in New Orleans

New Tool Maps NYC Economy by Neighborhood

Taking the Bureaucratic-Speak Out of Community Wealth Building

What a Small Business in Detroit Can Do With $10,000

Champions of New SEC Rule Hope for More Diversity in Startup Investing

Searching for the American Dream in Harlem

October 2015

The $25 Trillion Source That Could Help Distressed Neighborhoods

What a Metro’s Diversity Means for Economic Success

Community-Driven Capital Carving Out Share of Spotlight

Big Bank Deal Means More Money for Community-Driven Affordable Housing

Scant and Shaky Progress for Diversity in NYC City Contracting

U.S. Banks Are Getting a Clearer Path to Helping Communities

Community Organizing Powers BIDs in Multiethnic Neighborhoods

Designing a Better Connection Between People and Government

Chicago Job Training Program Changes Minds (and the Rules)

NYU Economist: Embrace the Element of Surprise in Urban Planning

Groundbreaking CDFI Deal Will Make a Difference in Chicago

September 2015

Inside the Dollars and Cents of Cleveland’s Latest High-Speed Internet Investment

Pittsburgh Maps Path to Becoming Inclusive Innovation Hub

There’s an Urban Experiment Happening in Suburban Connecticut

Queens Community Organizes Against Scammers Targeting Apartment Hunters

Can K.C. Development Offer a Path to Equitable Real Estate Investing?

Small Foundations Are Embracing Impact Investing

Your Neighborhood Corner Store Could Best Blue Apron

Ex-Prisoners Tell NYC How to Spend Money

What Happens When Welfare Disappears

Spending Diaries Show the Trouble With Americans and Saving

Developers Build Walkable Neighborhoods With Focus on Community Wealth

August 2015

Developing the Cure for Corporate Welfare

Investing Like This Locavore Co-op Won’t Leave a Bad Taste in Your Mouth

When It Comes to Stealing Money From Workers, Businesses Are More Savvy Than Ever

A “Good Job With the City” Isn’t What It Used to Be

Building Equity Into Minneapolis’ Solar-Powered Future

Is the Next Etsy Hiding in Brooklyn?

Is a Community-Minded Business Model Doomed in Gentrifying San Francisco?

Workers Score Paid Sick Leave Victory in Pittsburgh

Despite Setback, NYC Keeps Fighting for the Unbanked

How Communities Can Build Wealth by Knocking on Doors

Business Improvement Districts Are More Than Just a Name on a Trash Can

This “Gig Economy” Firm Prefers to Have Employees, Not Contractors

Developer Takes Big Picture Approach in Baltimore Neighborhood

July 2015

Can Crowdfunding Level the Playing Field for Investment?